Welcome to my newly updated web page!



Art fair season is in full swing.

It's officially my favorite time of year, folks!  The time of year when the weather warms up, my lilies start to bloom, I can dust off the ol' bicycle for a few rides, and .... ART FAIRS FIRE UP MO' FO'!!!!!!!!!

Last week I hit up the rather uneventful Edina Art Fair.  Uneventful because, well... I think it's about time they let some of their same old same old artists take a year or two off.  Every year they have the same stained glass, pottery and watercolor people.  Bring some new blood into that hizzy already.  Come on.  Of course, I did have to swing by the Edina Art Center's booth and take home some lonely pottery.  This year I bought a pair of crazy salt and pepper shakers (photo will be posted in a few days, I have to dig them out to photo shoot so I'm procrastinating).  I also found a rather interesting artist who makes some fun robot art (check out the "artist's I'm keeping my eye on" section for more info).

Today Brent and I drove into Victoria, unracked the bikes, and rode about 6 miles towards Lake Minnetonka for the Excelsior Art Fair.  There, I finally made my first purchase of the year.  A whole $10 for the piece (watch out, big spender on the horizon), but I really like it.  See a photo here.

If you're looking for information about art fairs, check out my links page.  I'm working on adding in links to all the art fairs I enjoy attending in the summers. Hopefully I'll see you at a few, too!




Welcome to my newly updated web page!

Well, it's about time I got this sucker updated!  Did you know I've paid for this website domain for the last three years and haven't even updated it!?!  What a waste of precious dimes and nickels!  I could have bought a ... well, a... a coach purse with that money, gosh dang it! 

I've decided to do an overhaul and update the entire site.  It was just time for a change.  I mean red is a great color and all, but I'm older and wiser now right?  So I should show my maturity in my web page design, or something!  LOL!

I hope to keep my photo page more updated in the future.  That way the family can swing by and check out the latest get together photos, friends can see what trip I took most recently, and I can post incriminating photos of people I know ... wait, did I just say that?

Since I wasn't very good about updating my art gallery over the last few years, you should swing by there too.  You know me and art.  I've picked up some really interesting finds over the last few years.

Unlike on my old website, this website will actually have recipes!  Hooray!  Anything that I like to cook on a regular basis will be on there.  Click on over and make yourself up something tasty.

If you're in the mood for a good laugh (keep your potty humor hat on), swing by my links page.  I get all sorts of funny stuff coming my way, so that should continually change whenever I find something good.  And, while you're there don't forget to check out the shopping section... you might recognize the flower service listed at the bottom of the section. :-)

This page here?  Well!  It's going to be my new blog spot!  I bet you can't wait for that!  It's all about me:

I hope you enjoy the new site!  - Natalie